The Very Slow Movie Player Runs at 24 Frames Per Hour (video)

Both hackers and ereader companies have devoted many hours to tweaking E-ink screens in order to get the highest refresh rate possible. This next project takes things in the opposite direction.

The VSMP, or very slow movie player, combines a Raspberry Pi with an E-ink display to device that plays a movie at about 24 fph (frames per hour). This is about 1/3,600 the speed that movies usually play at, and as a result a traditional epic-length movie is now going to take more than 8,000 hours to play on the VSMP.

The VSMP is programmed it to load a new frame on the screen every two and a half minutes, in effect changing the movie from an experience or an event into something that can “be noticed, glanced-at, or even inspected, but not watched”, and is the work of Bryan Boyer.

“Can a film be consumed at the speed of reading a book?” he asks.  “Yes, just as a car city can be enjoyed on foot. Slowing things down to an extreme measure creates room for appreciation of the object, as in Brasília, but the prolonged duration also starts to shift the relationship between object, viewer, and context.”

In a way, he has created a real-life example of the time dilation effect found in science fiction.

Medium via Hackaday

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